Test #1 - January 17, 2008 Reconstruction Book Items Be...

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January 17, 2008 Reconstruction 1. Book Items 1. Be reading the Lindsey? Book 2. Know the thesis and the main characters and the main points 3. Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction 10% Plan Radical Republicans Freedmen Wade-Davis Bill Ironclad oath Pocket veto Wade-Davis manifesto Freedmen’s Bureau 13 th Amendment Black Codes Joint Committee on Reconstruction 14 th Amendment Wave the bloody shirt First reconstruction act Command of the army act Tenure of Office Act Edwin M Stanton Ohio Idea Greenbacks Ku Klux Klan 15 th Amendment Carpetbaggers Scalawags Enforcement acts Poll tax Head tax Literacy test Grandfather clause Democratic primaries Tenacy Sharecropping Crop lien Waving of the dirty linen The compromise of 1877 4. 2. Civil war ended in 1865 1. Slavery ended 1. Forced bondage by one human being by another based on race no longer permitted = good thing 2. Racism wasn’t so easily eliminated = bad thing 1. Not even eliminated completely today 2. Sates rights southern argument was defeated in military battle but wasn’t going away 3. Southerners who survived the war had 200,000 dead, infrastructure gone, people with land and money were left destitute 1. “Gone with the Wind” 2. Southerners nursed a deep hatred of the north 1. “the war of northern aggression” 2. Think the northerners came down and imposed their will and beliefs 3. Lincoln faced with how to correct this 1. Postwar national reconciliation 2. Made plans before it was over 3. 1863 – Lincoln’s reconstruction plans 1. Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction 1. Offered a full pardon and restoration of property rights to any right southerner willing to swear allegiance to the US and willing to accept the emancipation proclamation 2. Leaders couldn’t participate 3. From the US constitutional right to pardon 2. 10% Plan-
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1. If 10% offered an allegiance to the US government then the states could establish a new state government and become a state again 2. Power to create this plan came from article 2 of constitution 3. Supporters were conservative republicans 1. were for the status quo but didn’t want to rock the boat 4. support by moderate republicans 1. quickly brought TN, AK, LA back into Union 2. brought in by Lincoln b/c republicans did what they wanted to in Congress 5. rough opposition by radical republicans 1. led by Ben F. Wade and Davis from the House 1. senator from Ohio 2. representative 2. main political group 3. progresses- wanted to remake American, especially, southern society by punishing the south for the civil war 4. didn’t like the 10% plan b/c it was too easy 3. Wade Davis 1. 50% had to take an iron clad oath 1. When you attest to something that you had done or not done “I swear I had never taken up arms against the federal government against the US” 2. Most people couldn’t do it 1. The whole point of the plan b/c they didn’t want them to come back 2. Required southern states to immediately abolish slavery in practice and law 1. Wanted to transform the southern society, wasn’t enough to just say ok slavery is over
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Test #1 - January 17, 2008 Reconstruction Book Items Be...

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