A World Apart

A World Apart - Mason 1 Jonathan B. Mason February 9, 2007...

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Mason 1 Jonathan B. Mason February 9, 2007 HY 203 Professor Joshua Rothman A World Apart Benjamin Franklin and Eunice Williams led lives which were similar in some respects but very different in most. Although they were both white, British colonists who lived in Massachusetts around the same time, there were many differences in their lives. Some of these differences were in the form of childhood experiences, religion, gender, location. Both of the main characters were born in the same generation, a decade apart; Eunice was born in 1696 and Benjamin in 1706. Both were white, British colonists by birth. This placed them in the majority of the population and allowed them certain rights and privileges not available to Native Americans, African Americans and some immigrants. But this is where most of the similarities between Benjamin and Eunice end. Benjamin Franklin’s father raised him up from a young boy in the hopes of becoming a clergyman as an adult. As a child, Benjamin’s father sent him to school for a proper education to prepare for this field. He excelled in most subjects but could not seem to succeed in arithmetic. For this reason, he was brought home to help his father with his business of making candles and from there went on to helping his brother as a printer. It was in his childhood that Benjamin developed a love for reading through his education. This passion ironically took him away from the religious path of a clergyman
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Mason 2 for which he was originally intended. In his autobiography, Franklin points out the
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A World Apart - Mason 1 Jonathan B. Mason February 9, 2007...

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