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Unformatted text preview: HY203, Spring 2007 Examination 1 Format Below you will find eight essay questions, based on material covered in lecture through February 9. Four of these questions will appear on your exam, scheduled for February 16, and you will be required to answer two of them. In each essay you write, you must incorporate a minimum of three terms highlighted in lecture outlines (all of which are posted on the course website), though you are free to use more than three if you wish. Keep in mind that because you have a week to prepare these essays, your answers will be held to a higher standard than for essays you had not seen until the day of the exam. They need not be perfect in their grammar or spelling, but essays receiving superior grades will demonstrate a mastery of content, thoughtfulness, and a clear articulation of an argument supported by specific examples. A few words of advice: 1. Bear in mind that because you are going to be asked to answer two of four essays on the exam, you only need to prepare six of the eight essays below, as long as you are comfortable with the quality of the six you...
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