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Rhetorical Analysis of Arguments Against Abortion

Rhetorical Analysis of Arguments Against Abortion - 1...

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Jonathan B. Mason Scott McWaters ENG 103-002 October 11, 2006 Rhetorical Analysis of “Arguments Against Abortion” Although the subject of abortion is vehemently debated on both sides, Kerby Anderson uses his essay, “Arguments Against Abortion,” to effectively defend the pro-life perspective and persuade his audience to adopt this viewpoint. This is an essay written for Probe Ministries in 1997. In five short pages, Anderson develops a strong pro-life argument and supports it with reasons from many different disciplines. This argument was effective in persuading me personally because Anderson uses a variety of reasons to support his claim including biblical, medical, legal and philosophical evidence. This essay, as well as the book itself, is aimed not only to persuade people who support abortion, but also those who wish to defend their pro-life viewpoint. The main purpose of the paper is to have pro-choice advocates renounce their views and turn to the pro-life position. Although the main purpose is to persuade, the paper is also written to provide information to people who are already against abortion so they defend their stance when necessary. It does this by providing rebuttals to the counter-arguments presented in the paper which we will discuss more in-depth later. The paper is also written so that whether the reader is pro-life or pro-choice, they will have a certain part of the paper catered to their beliefs and education level. The ethos is displayed in this excerpt by beginning with a list of Anderson’s accomplishments such as graduating with a B.S. from Oregon State University, M.F.S. from Yale University, and M.A. from Georgetown University. He also authored several books on the subject (1). 1
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The author wastes no time in declaring the main point of his paper. He entitles the paper “Arguments Against Abortion” and begins with the line “In this essay we will be discussing arguments against abortion (1).” This leaves no doubt about the author’s stance on the subject
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Rhetorical Analysis of Arguments Against Abortion - 1...

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