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Mason 1 John Mason Scott McWaters ENG 103-002 December 13, 2006 “If You Build It, They Will Come” an article for the USA Today For the better part of a century, America has been dependent on the automobile. This trend is only getting stronger as time passes and the problem of traffic congestion gets worse. Thus far, the solution for relief from traffic congestion has been the building of new roads and expansion of old ones, but this simple answer to such a complex question seems too good to be true. As is the case with most things of that nature, it is just the easy way out of a complicated situation. The best, although not the magic, traffic-eradicating solution the American automobile driver dreams of is not to build more roads, but to simply maintain existing roadways. The current method of alleviating the overcrowding of America’s highways involves the U.S. government spending astronomical amounts of tax-payer’s money on the construction of new highway systems. The construction of these roadways is becoming increasingly expensive and has very little effect on the ease of automobile movement. California is a leading example of this high-priced construction. The Century Freeway in Los Angeles, which opened in 1994, was the most expensive stretch of pavement in the history of the United States at the time. This seventeen-mile freeway cost $2.2 billion and is awe-inspiring in its magnitude. Some of its more predominant features include five stacked levels of highway, seven miles of ramps, two miles of
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Proposal Argument - Mason 1 John Mason Scott McWaters ENG...

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