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Narrative Argument - Mason 1 Jonathan Mason Scott McWaters...

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Mason 1 Jonathan Mason Scott McWaters ENG 103-002 November 8, 2006 “A Million Shades of Grey” an article for the Crimson White “Now a real friend will piss in a glue bottle for you,” Bronson proclaimed as I smiled, some of our friends laughed, and some just looked like they had no idea what he was talking about. No, this isn’t going to be your typical “do the right thing and call the police” story, this is a real-life situation. As young college students, you are in the prime of you life and the decisions you make will not always be clear-cut, black and white choices. This event happened to me and I had to make my decision carefully. Here we are, at a friend’s house, its two o’clock in the morning just a couple of weeks before most of us depart to our respective colleges for the fall and I can’t think of a much more attention-getting opening line. I sit in the dimly-lit living room around all the leftover pizza the local convenience store would give us with some people I’ve known for life, some people I’ve only recently met, and some I’ve picked up along the way. Although this is one of our favorite high school stories, I am reluctant to share it with such a large group but I believe it might help you later in life. I had gotten a job at a local grocery store, Foodland, over the summer to make some money of my own and pay for my car. This was widely considered the best place to work in our small town because it spawns such great stories, as you are about to see. It was great at first, but as with every job, despite working with some of my best friends, it became monotonous after a
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Narrative Argument - Mason 1 Jonathan Mason Scott McWaters...

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