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CE 155 - Take Home Test - Dear Authors, While reading The...

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Dear Authors, While reading The Victims of Sprawl , I noted your opinion on page 122 on the allocation of government funds in the comment, “A society’s civic buildings are ultimately as important as its roads, and we should not use the table scraps of public funding to construct them. Most Americans would tolerate aging asphalt and fewer new lanes if they knew that their children would not be educated in the equivalent of trailer parks. Unfortunately, this choice is not offered.” I agree with this statement. While I was in elementary school, my mathematics class was taught in a “mobile classroom” behind my school simply because new classrooms could not afford to be built. This “mobile classroom” was the equivalent of a trailer. This situation was worsened by the fact that our school was already burdened with over-crowding. Imagine the difficulties of trying to learn the orders of operations with 30+ students crammed into a single- wide trailer. At this same point in time, I remember my parents complaining that there were 3 new bridges being built within a 20 mile stretch of the same highway while their children’s public school was drastically under-funded. Also in The Victims of Sprawl , on page 124, you address the effect of a one hour commute to and from work each day by stating, “The tragedy of this situation is that these hours were time that parents used to spend productively with their children. Instead, the parents are stuck in their cars, and the children are warehoused in front of the television, since they don’t have independent access to much else. Our locus of civic activity has become the highway, and theirs has become the TV.” I agree with this statement. Children often have no choice but to sit at home in front of the television because the location of their home in the suburbs leaves them no other place to go without an adult to drive them. All the time spent watching TV has also played a role in the increasing occurrence of childhood obesity. Also, parents oftentimes must leave for work before
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CE 155 - Take Home Test - Dear Authors, While reading The...

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