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Darius Callier Richard K Matthews POLS 100 – Political Thought 3 April 2008 Marxism/Leninism Chapter 7 Phil Roots. Otto von Bismarck – is a conservative who extended the vote to proletariat, and created a welfare state. Marxism of Left – Lenin has to readjust the message of Marx to the feudal Russian society. Russia was a society of 130 million, 3 million were proletariats and 80 percent were peasants. The notion of who is being exploited is expanded on Lenin. Liberal phase of development. Transfer culture: feudalism state socialism (capitalism) socialism communism Marxism of Center (orthodox) – Karl Kautsky employs “scientific Marxism.” Marxism of Right (revisionism) – Eduard Bernstein wrote Evolutionary Marxism , which differed from revolutionary Marxism. Bernstein believed that there was a relationship between the means-ends. Since capitalist society was contributing to the welfare of the working class, then revolution would not be necessary.
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