PHIL 100 - Hegel & Marx - Darius Callier Richard K....

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Darius Callier Richard K. Matthews POLS 100 – Political Thought 11 March 2008 Marxism G.W.F. Hegel looked at the world using dialectics. Dialectics is a writing style, and thinking process. An object and its negation are false, but without the consciousness of the opposite the other could not exist. Hegel and Marx believed that ‘you cannot step in a river twice.’ Not only has the river changed because it is flowing, but because the river has changed and so has the individual. They believed that moments in time can looked at from all different angles and that’s how analysis becomes complete. Marx believes that thinking is a political act. Thesis always presents an antithesis. Karl Marx and Hegel both agreed that the world was a constant process of eliminating, preserving, & transcending. Marx agreed with Hegel on dialectics and labor, but totally disagreed on politics. Marx thinks that the end of capitalism, communism will be the beginning of human history. (Pre-communism is pre-historic). Marx believed that the revolution would be taken on by the working class.
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PHIL 100 - Hegel & Marx - Darius Callier Richard K....

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