PHIL 100 - Marx (3) - Darius Callier Richard K Matthews...

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Darius Callier Richard K Matthews POLS 100 18 March 2008 Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 Marx believes that the government’s function is to take care of the interests of the wealthy (Bear Stern’s present-day example). Marx believes that if a person doesn’t have money then her perspectives and opinions are not given authenticity. We define ourselves in a market democracy to what we have rather than the talents and qualities that we possess. Marx believes that rights that depend on money are abstract rights. Marx argues that the capitalist cheats, because she has to exploit. Marx believes that private property is the substance that preserves capitalism. Private property is the property that helps accumulate wealth and capital. Personal property is the property used to sustain. Working class begins to swell and capitalist class decreases. Capitalists need more and more people to pass on this system. This leads to exploration and exploitation of more lands and people. It will go to these places and do whatever it has
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PHIL 100 - Marx (3) - Darius Callier Richard K Matthews...

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