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Genesis vs Gilgamesh Paper

Genesis vs Gilgamesh Paper - Mike Badolato Core Humanities...

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Mike Badolato Core Humanities Professor Regan 9/12/05 The Effects of God’s Wrath In many, if not all, of the stories from ancient times the Gods play a critical role. From punishing humans for wrongful deeds to rewarding them for loyalty and faith, gods are the main reason for how humans conduct their lives. The stories of Gilgamesh and Genesis from the Old Testament are no exception to this notion; the Gods were very important characters in these events. Even though the gods often helped man kind for acting in a praiseworthy fashion, their punishments are more predominant in these stories. The most devastating punishment, which happened almost identically in each story, was the great flood. This flood, virtually wiping out the earth as it was known, was a very important and radical episode in religious and world history. In Genesis and Gilgamesh the event of the great flood has very many similarities even though they were written over one thousand years apart. Because they so closely parallel each other many people believe that these are descriptions of the same important episode in world history. Both these tales start off with the behavior of man. When man was created he was free of all impurities, then they started acting in a way that made the gods unhappy. In the case of Genesis God grew tired of the way that humans had been acting on earth, he felt they had become corrupt and filled with violence. "it repented the
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Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart" (Gen. 6:6). In Gilgamesh the gods thought that the humankind was too numerous and noisy, they said they were no longer able to sleep with the uproar of man. In order to solve this problem the gods, in both instances, decided that they would destroy the humans by causing a great flood to eliminate all that was on earth. Even though the objective of the flood was to destroy everything on earth, in each story there was one human deemed worthy of salvation by the gods. A simple man named Noah earned God’s affection because of his honest behavior. God spoke to Noah
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Genesis vs Gilgamesh Paper - Mike Badolato Core Humanities...

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