Activity 1 - Drawing Functional Groups

Activity 1 - Drawing Functional Groups - Structure I e...

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CHEM 2370 Asignment 1 (10 points) Names: (4 per group) DUE: 11:OO a.m. Monday, Januarv 29th, 2007 Draw structures corresponding to the following descriptions ( NOTE: there may be more than one correct answer! ) a) C7H13NO: amide, at least one secondary carbon, ,n\o rings Structure b) C7H1202: carboxylic acid, no C=C, one tertiary carbon Structure ' ,* / F 1- - . , . c) C8H17N: tertiary amine, no C=C Structure d) C6Hl0O2: ester, no rings
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Unformatted text preview: , Structure I ,' . : e) C10H180: ether, alkyne, one quaternary carbon Structure . I , f) C5H8O2: ester, no C=C, one terti~y carbon Structure g) C10H16: alkene, alkyne, one quaternary carbon Structure - - I - - * h) C6H1002: secondary alcohol, aldehyde, no rings Structure > i) CloH180: alkyne, tertiary alcohol, one quaternary carbon Structure L - - i = j) C6H13NO: tertiary arnine, ketone Structure...
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