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CHEM 2370 OBJECTIVES CHAPTER 1 (Solomons, 7 th ed.) TERMS : Know definitions, gives examples, explain briefly 1. Empirical formula 2. Molecular formula 3. Structural formula 4. Isomerism, isomers 5. Constitutional isomers 6. Stereoisomers 7. Ionic bond 8. Covalent bond: sigma ( σ ); pi ( π ) 9. Electronegativity 10. Lewis structure 11. Octet rule 12. Formal charge 13. Resonance 14. Atomic orbitals 15. Degenerate orbitals 16. Molecular orbitals: bonding, non-bonding and antibonding 17. Hybrid atomic orbitals: sp 3 , sp 2 , sp KNOW HOW TO: 1. Calculate empirical and molecular formulas from experimental data. 2. Use standard valence to formulate all structures possible for a given molecular formula. 3. Distinguish between identical and isomeric structures.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Write Lewis structures. 5. Recognize if an atom has a complete/incomplete octet in a given Lewis structure. 6. Calculate formal charge of each atom in a given Lewis structure and therefore the overall charge of the whole species. 7. Write resonance structures, resonance hybrid. 8. Determine shapes of molecules/ions from their Lewis structures using VSEPR theory. 9. Recognize the atomic orbitals used in making specific bonds in a molecule/ion. 10. Write structural formulas in all the different ways: dash, condensed, bond-line, and 3-D formulas using wedge-dashed wedge-line structures....
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