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SOCI101 +review+guide+1+S13 - Sociology 101 Exam 1 Review...

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Sociology 101 Exam 1 Review Guide Spring 2013 Terminology and Key Points Make sure that you are familiar with each of these terms or concepts Introduction (McIntyre Ch. 2) Discipline of sociology/sociological perspective Sociological imagination Trouble vs. issue Individualism Social institutions Durkheim’s sociological understanding of suicide Key points of Mills article Theory (McIntyre Ch. 3) Functionalism Conflict Symbolic Interactionism Macro theory vs. micro theory Appling theories to Prison Town, USA Key points of Colomy article Methods (McIntyre Ch. 5 & 6) Quantitative vs. qualitative research Constructs Concepts Variable: independent and dependent Positive and negative relationships Hypothesis Operational definitions Methods: survey, field research, unobtrusive research, experiment Hawthorne effect Guidelines/rules for survey questions and true experiments Triangulation Ethics of social research Mean, median, and mode Key points of Adler article Culture (McIntyre Ch. 7)
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