Shakepeare's Love

Shakepeare's Love - December 14, 2007 Reading Shakespeare...

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December 14, 2007 Reading Shakespeare Final Paper Shakespeare’s Love Shakespeare’s love is a complex thing to understand, it must be broken up into several types in order to be discussed fully. His romantic ideas of unconditional love and love at first sight represent his and society’s ideal of a happy love. He speaks of these in the highest regard. A great source of drama in his plays comes from unrequited love. The darkest of human emotions comes out when the character’s love is not returned, as seen in Othello especially. Lust and passion are present in the pursuit of love itself. One character pursues his ideal love with so much passion that he marries the first woman who requites it. Keep in mind that although Shakespeare is passionate towards his ideas of love, he writes to make a living. Sometimes his ideas contradict each other in order to make the play more interesting and to draw a bigger crowd. Unconditional, unchanging love is rarely found in Shakespeare’s plays. He emphasizes this ideal form of love in his sonnets, but it is only seen between family members, not lovers, in plays. In A Midsummer Nights Dream , the relationship between Viola and Sebastian is genuine. Viola is distraught when she believes her brother to be
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Shakepeare's Love - December 14, 2007 Reading Shakespeare...

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