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Concepts: Genetic Discrimination, race vs. cline For many years business’ have fought an internal fight between economically correct vs. morally correct. This battle has escalated in the past few years. Instead of gender or race discrimination though, we are now facing genetic discrimination. “The number of genetic tests to diagnose rare diseases and to predict future health risks, for instance, has increased ten-fold in the last decade.” (Genetic Testing: Pre…. 1) A few years ago The Washington Post wrote an article which mentioned a North Carolina resident who was “fired from her job after being diagnosed with a genetic disorder that required expensive treatment.” (R. Weiss A1) This kind of discrimination provides an economic advantage to the company but will hinder this lady from her economic responsibilities. The CRG, Council for Responsible Genetics, has expressed their concern on this issue in a position paper that they wrote. They say that the EEOC, Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, prevents employers from discriminating in this way. (CRG 4) I believe that the government needs to keep these acts in place but just improve their
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RobertImig_090407 - Concepts: Genetic Discrimination, race...

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