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ancient egypt notes - Dynasty VII Manetho 70 rulers 70 days...

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Hathor goddess of birth Birthing chair, mesh, Hassut- hill country Monarch butterfly (2300-2200) fifth dynasty Leopard skin Sesh-scribe (seshat- lady scribe. .) Rahotep and Nefer- Rahotep is a son of Khufu Pepy- took the crown when he was nine, and died at 94. Good health. Didn't really do anything. Qar (fifth dynasty) surgeon- Found, dentists tomb. Tusk shape, hieroglyphic for teeth Peseshet- overseer of women's positions Semed- (mean health) famous midget- given reponsibility of wardrobe and how often cnged Pigmies Bronze casting, Pepy II- his life involves famous dancing pigmy. Harkauf Review of Names Khafra 4 2500-2400's Djed Ef Ra 4 Menkaura 4 Qar 5 2300 Peseshet 5 Fefi 5 Anh-Es-En-Pepi 6 2300-2200's Pepi II 6 2246-2152 Harkuf 6 2237* Ibi 8 2100's Khety 10 2135-1986 Tef Ibi 10 2000-1900's Hep Zefi 10 Inyotef II 11 2000's Montju Hotep II
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Unformatted text preview: Dynasty VII Manetho- 70 rulers, 70 days each. (no evidence) The Middle Kingdom How did they manage to grow sycamore trees there? Irrigation? The roots growing downward into the rocks? Amenemhat I and III black pyramid Atlas 48-49, 51-53 memorize Joseph's Travels -> Sinhue's story -> Homer's Odyssey ATUM. Apotropaic- turns away evil Asyut- most important city in middle kingdom I. Moral tone-a. Atum's tears and man's creation b. Atum's provisionof a god world c. The pharaoh's claim d. Indivual self-justification e. Moralizing literature i. Ipu wer "the good shepherd" ii. Ptah hotep "proverbs, wisdom literature iii. The misanthrope 1. "my name is abhorred" 2. "to whom a I talking?" iv. The eloquent peasant I. Popular interest, vividness...
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ancient egypt notes - Dynasty VII Manetho 70 rulers 70 days...

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