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2 - a Go Signal b Pre-motor Time c Initiation of muscle...

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I. Definitions a. Variable error-is it the same thing every time, not a measure of is it hitting the same spot, but is it the same movement b. Performance outcome- measure of the outcome I. Info processing model of motor performance a. Stimulus ID -> Response selection -> Response execution I. Two general categories of performance measurements a. Performance outcome measures i. Category of motor skill performance that indicates the outcome or result of performing a motor skill ii. Example: how far did a person throw the ball? b. Performance production measures i. Measures of the movement of the body itself ii. Example: what shoulder angle was attained at release? (gymnastics, delve deeply into movement) I. Reaction Time S:R a. SRT- simple reaction time 1:1 (starting line of the race) b. CRT- choice reaction time n:n (stop light) c. DRT- discrimination reaction time n:1 (decide amongst several stimuli whether it is the best/right reaction) I. Fractioned RT (EMG-electromyogram)
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Unformatted text preview: a. Go Signal b. Pre-motor Time c. Initiation of muscle activity d. Motor Time e. Observable movement f. (the muscle must overcome its inertia before movement can occur) I. RT and MT (reaction and movement time) a. Warning signal b. Fore-period c. Go signal d. Reaction time e. Initiation of response f. Movement time g. Termination of response h. (stopping a car when someone gets in the way) I. Error a. Absolute error- absolute distance to target, how much I missed by b. Constant error- specific location of error, precise about measure, distance and direction, are we zoomed in on the right target, but doesn't tell us if we are hitting it. .. c. Variable error- how far off are our shots from the center of our group? d. Root mean squared error- trying to measure continuous performance, how far off was this person? I. Error and reaction time are the most commonly used term...
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