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3 - the right(like degrees in a circle I Kinetics a Force...

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I. Kinematics a. Position- location or angle b. Velocity- speed and direction c. Acceleration- changing speed d. Time I. Collecting Kinematic Data a. High speed video b. 3 Dimensional from multiple cameras c. Applications of analysis i. Elite performance of sports ii. Injury assessment iii. Video Games I. Absolute Angles a. Measured from an external frame of reference b. Most usual convention is to measure that angle counter-clockwise from the horizontal to
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Unformatted text preview: the right (like degrees in a circle) I. Kinetics a. Force- internal vs. external (translation) b. Torque- internal vs. external (rotation) c. Time I. Electromyography a. Muscle activation patterns i. Onset ii. Offset iii. Duration iv. Amplitude I. Swimming a. Speed- time o b. Angle movements p I. Dyno a. Distance o b. Stability o c. Angles o...
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