Ancient Greece Feb 1 - The Odyssey Background; nostoi what...

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Background; nostoi → what happens after the Trojan war > the return adventures home (nostoi) Bad things usually happen to warriors on the way home Invocation of Muse Proem → first word: MAN “cunning hero” – polytropos = of many turns Theme: “cunning hero” = “man of many turns” ( polytropos ) (first word = man; cf. Iliad = menis (rage)) Cunningness = he’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeves Turns = his trip has lots of unexpected turns in it Setting: Ithaca: home, family, “lower” characters → the island where is Odysseus is from City of peace as depicted on Achilles shield fantasy world: folk-tales, magic, monsters, trickster (vs. traditional epic hero) → where most of journey takes place not typical in epic poetry Paralleled with fairy-tales like Hansel and Gretel Characters : Servants of household in Ithaca People who take care of his cattle The gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Athena) and morality Poseidon : holds a grudge against Odysseus b/c he poked out the Cyclops’ eye o Preventing him from going home Athena : loves Odysseus and wants to help him get home Zeus : tries to provide fairness They uphold what’s right better than in the Iliad o Gods preserve moral order Xenia , civilization Xenia : Guest friendship Books 1-4: Telemachy Telemachus → Odysseus’ son o 4 books about him > take place in Ithaca, or most of them do
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Ancient Greece Feb 1 - The Odyssey Background; nostoi what...

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