Ancient Greece Jan 16 - Ancient Greece THE MINOANS Jan 16,...

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Ancient Greece Jan 16, 2007 Exam 1 THE MINOANS Prequel: The Neolithic Age 5 th and 4 th millennia BC Settled along Eastern Coast Before the Bronze Age Settlement in Greece before this Sesklo o Settled in the 7 th millennia BC o Very small village Might have 200 people tops o Inhabited by migrants from Asia Minor Not native Greeks o Lasted until 6850-4400 BC o Houses were made of mud brick; simple village o Made living from raising livestock, gathering, and a little agriculture Dimini o Settlement held 200-300 people o Has stone/brick walls around city Feels always under attack because they have this form of defense o Had conquered Sesklo in about 4800 BC o Two civilizations overlapped Caves o Most Neolithic settlements o Petralona Cave Important to history of man kind 40,000 year old fossilized skull found there
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o Inland enough to be safe but close to the sea o Cave of Diros o Easy access to the sea o Earliest inhabited site in Greece Evidence of continual inhabitations Technology o Not that advanced o Pottery o Small tools that were intended for tilling the earth or for cooking Second Prequel: The history of modern Archaeology Heinrich Schliemann o Late 19 th century in Germany o German shop keeper o Uses knowledge of Greek to read Homer’s poem o Goes to Asia Minor and finds Troy b/c many people thought Troy was mythology and Greeks made it up o Followed Homer’s works to find it in the Illiad
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Ancient Greece Jan 16 - Ancient Greece THE MINOANS Jan 16,...

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