Ancient Greece Apr 7 Exam 4

Ancient Greece Apr 7 Exam 4 - WEEK 12 ARISTOPHANES...

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WEEK 12: ARISTOPHANES Background and performance --comedy performed at the City Dionysia and the Lenaea (a smaller, winter festival, also in honor of Dionysus) Other great dramatic form of Athens (the first was tragedy) Was performed at the same festivals that tragedy’s were performed at Lenaea – winter festival in honor of Dionysus Comedy was performed in a big way for the city of Athens Not as big as City Dionysia (more outsiders came to City Dionysia) Tragedy was a more prestigious genre in performance --comic competitions begin in 486 Comedy began in democracy Tragedy is a form of democracy --5 plays performed (one per poet) Each poet does 1 play 5 poets participated (whereas there was 3 poets in a tragedy) 5 plays were performed -- restriction on number of actors seems to be looser than tragedy Comedy is More fluid and relaxed No formal restrictions about the number of actors --chorus: 24 members, variety of roles, including many animal choruses (cf. Aristophanes’ Birds , Wasps , Frogs ) Chorus’ were strange and eccentric Same as tragedy Larger – 24 members Set up on stage Outrageous chorus Plays are sometimes named after chorus --costumes: phallus , padding, masks Actors costumes were different from comedy Padding – wore under cloths Phallus – part of the iconoclastic feature of comedy Very sexual things going on openly Can become part of the jokes (can be erect or not erect) More comic masks –very exaggerated comic features Costumes were made to create a humorous effect --“Old” Comedy: only example of surviving works is Aristophanes (c. 447-385) Whats going on in the 5 th C Divided up the evolution of Athens into different styles New comedy: Shakespeare is a descendent of Greek new comedy Emerges in late 4 th C Typical plot line: a man is in love with a women. He goes through many tasks to win her love but she ends up being a bad match for him. But at the end, she turns out to be the daughter of a rich citizen
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Characteristics of Old Comedy Setting: usually contemporary Athens Characters: some mythical (and divine), but largely real contemporary people and
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Ancient Greece Apr 7 Exam 4 - WEEK 12 ARISTOPHANES...

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