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Psychology Notes - Nov 6 - Lecture 17 Mental Health and...

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Unformatted text preview: 11/6/07 Lecture 17 Mental Health and Clinical Psychology Writing assignment 4 2/3 of first year medical students begin to experience the disease which they are studying Which of the three is a mental disorder? The woman trying to get a bank loan against the bank teller and her husband. Why? What we take as a mental disorder relies on context and time period. The time period above is in the 1800s, which makes her a mental case. I. The problems of diagnosis: DSM-IV • What we think is a mental disorder is dependent to context/society to some degree o In U.S.S.R., they would put people who didn’t believe in the Soviet Union were crazy and had psycho-educational problems o Mental disorder-associated with severe personal distress • Freud-made a distinction between neurosis (anxiety) v. psychosis (severe disorders) o Our personality & disorder are associated with managing anxiety (how people differ) DSM Pretty crude 1990's - 4th edition DSM-4 (can be bought as bookstores) Categorizes mental disorders • 3 General axis disorders o Axis 1 disorders Adult onset Come & go Can be relatively major or minor Axis 2 disorders Chronic Personality disorder Axis 3 disorders Organic disorders Genetic abnormality Biological problems Eating too much lead II. Traditional anxiety-related disorders • Anxiety disorders: GAD, phobias, panic, OCD o General Anxiety Disorder No reason for feeling anxious Broad way to deal with anxiety Case study: guy went to Pennebaker, first year student & felt anxious for no reason, switched majors from business to psychology, didn’t feel like going to Thanksgiving, was more anxious right before Thanksgiving and decided he wouldn’t go but said he’d tell them tomorrow, was a lot more relaxed after he told his parents, after Thanksgiving he was anxious again and brings a letter from his father to bring how close they were but the note was very hostile, his anxiety was issues between himself & father but couldn’t psychologically connect the two because he couldn’t...
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Psychology Notes - Nov 6 - Lecture 17 Mental Health and...

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