Psychology Notes - Nov 1

Psychology Notes - Nov 1 - Personality: Traits and Freud...

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Unformatted text preview: Personality: Traits and Freud Nov 1 I. Basic issues about personality and the nature of humans What is personality? 1) Who you are is a product of your genes; personality locks when conceived 2) Personality was shaped during the first 4-5 years of life 3) Personality is constantly changing because of your environment Charles Darwin Origin of Species Humans are no different from other animals Karl Marx Humans are basically good If we werent messed with we would create a good utopia society Sigmund Freud Broad theory of psychoanalysis Personality is formed during the first 5 years of life Society and people are basically bad Id Raw energy you are born with Harvested and controlled by parents and society Results in conflict which leads to anxiety Personality is determined by how we think about and manage this anxiety II. Freud: A brief history How do people deal with overwhelming events? Basis of psychoanalysis Is it possible to profoundly change a persons personality? Unconscious mechanisms play a large role in every day life Catharsis/Cathosis (Check Spelling) Release of energy when an issue is resolved Can be done by talking to people Central Concepts: Basic Processes 3 concepts of the mind that fight for control...
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Psychology Notes - Nov 1 - Personality: Traits and Freud...

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