Ancient Greece Mar 31 Exam 3

Ancient Greece Mar 31 Exam 3 - Ancient Greece THUCYDIDES...

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Ancient Greece Mar 31 Exam 3 THUCYDIDES 2 nd great Greek historian Severe, unsmiling, unfunny o Contrast to Herodotus Life 460 – 455 = birth Served as general in 425 394 = died From Thrace (he’s an Athenian) Family owns gold mines; extremely wealthy Related to several Athenian politicians While general in Thrace: o He lost the city of Amphicolous which was important to the Athenians because it was an area rich with timber. They then exiled him. Exiled and doesn’t return to Greece for 20 years Methodology and Presentation Hecataes = 1 st person and personal judgment o Didn’t do research Homer was writing about 100 years in the past Herodotus = was writing about events 50 years before his time o 3 rd person; results of his research… did research o Wants to preserve the fame of Greeks and barbarians Thucydides = was writing about events as he experienced them o exertion that this is the greatest thing that ever happened to the Greeks o Has a preface (like Herodotus) which he sets out the goals and thesis statements More intellectually rigorous than Herodotus’ Using examples
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o Likes to critique Herodotus’ work o Affects Greeks and barbarians o Stated writing as soon as the war was started Aitia vs. prophasis o Division in Greek thought o Aitia ( means= obvious cause of something ) o Prophasis (means = underlying cause) o Thucydides looks at abstract, underlying cause to the war “Spartans were afraid and fear compelled them into war.” Thesis: megiste kinesis “the greatest event ever” o 1. Growth of Athenian power and Spartan fear causes the war o 2. Megiste kinesis – this war was the “greatest event ever” o Uses lots of superlative to portray greatness Attitude toward sources o Different than Herodotus’ o He has some written sources but doesn’t refer to other Greek writers very much
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Ancient Greece Mar 31 Exam 3 - Ancient Greece THUCYDIDES...

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