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Ancient Greece Feb 13 Exam 2

Ancient Greece Feb 13 Exam 2 - Ancient Greece Feb 13 Exam 2...

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Ancient Greece Feb 13 Exam 2 EARLY GREEK LAW AND JUSTICE Hesiod, Works and Days A list of how to live your life Pp. 37-38: invocation to the Muses, address to Perses o Appeals to muses and wants to talk to Perses (Hesiod’s brother)   could be a   fictional character o Conflict over inheritance from family (Hesiod and Brother) o Uses this struggle to make a point Strife (2 kinds): Conflict, war, lawsuit Worst is caused by jealousy o Kind of jealousy when you say “keeping up with the Jones’” Hesiod accuses Perses of wanting more than his fair share & wants to  keep up with Hesiod Pp. 38-40: Pandora’s Box (note: significant names) o Prometheus – means forethought o Epimethethus  - afterthought  o Zeus want to punish Prometheus for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to  man Fire enables man to better their lives and become more like gods o Story of Pandora = story of Zeus’ revenge o Pandora means “all gifts” in Greek Made out of earth then each god gives her a gift Looks like an ideal woman Good parallel = Helen of Troy
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o Prometheus warns Epimetheus to accept no gift from the gods; its dangerous. o Pandora comes with a box (a gift) No one knows what’s in it (not even Pandora) Strict instructions “DO NOT OPEN THIS BOX” Pandora eventually opens box and lets out all bad things into the world (including Strife [quarrel, envy, jealousy]), but leaves hope inside. Why? Hope is essential to mankind. Hesiod said that Hope itself is one of these evil spirits; men cling to it in time of trouble. Hope can lead men down the wrong path. Things may lead to false hope. o Pandora is purely mythological o Kind of hope left in box? Hesiod says that “false hope” is left in box o Men lived like gods until the box was opened One way that gods distinguished themselves from men Strife: “there is no way to evade the purpose of Zeus.” P40 Back to the will and fate of Zeus not being able to be negated Pp. 40-42: The Myth of Ages o Consists of about 5 ages o Another version of the decline of man o Men start out in the golden age = divine Land harvest itself and men don’t have to work Gods are jealous of the golden age and golden age is too presumptuous o Replaced by silver age Men lived to over 100 They are a bunch of criminals and are sacreligious against the gods o Replaced by the bronze age
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