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Ancient Greece Mar 19 Exam 3

Ancient Greece Mar 19 Exam 3 - Ancient Greece Mar 19 Exam 3...

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Ancient Greece Mar 19 Exam 3 GOLDEN AGE OF ATHENS – 5 th C BC The consequences of the Persian Wars in Athens Due to victory of Marathon and Salamis Battle of Platea Persians are expelled from Greece Last battle After this, there will never be another Persian on Greek soil again Spartans have no interest in taking war to the Persians, but Athenians do The Athenians will become the preminate state in Greece Military: Athens creates first empire in the Greek world only 2 empire in the Greek world: Athenian empire and Alexander the Great All Aegean Sea islands = part of Athenian empire Athenian empire = 221 cities at the height of its power Sea based power Still a naval Sparta has southern Greece, Thebes, and Phoecia Sparta’s were land based control Athenians want to rebuild walls of Athens before rebuilding the acropolis Cant get to navy if they are surrounded Builds Great walls from Athens to the harbor Connect Athens with her harbors via these great walls (7 miles long) 1. Athenians will always have access to the sea 2. The city of Athens is almost part of the sea herself They make her an island on land “Delian Leagues” – founded in 478 Based on island of Delos Shrine to Apollo Temple = headquarters to Delian League Where the allies met in council to decide what the delian league was going to do next Purpose = take war to the Persians Make sure Persians never attack Greece by striking first Make sure that the Ionian cities are always free Organization composed of equal allies Everyone is suppose to contribute ships Money is flowing into Athens because of this Within 25 years, this league has become an empire Persian and Athenian empire are a lot alike Both pay tribute Surplus of wealth enables naval development under Themistocles
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