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Ancient Greece Feb 29 Exam 2

Ancient Greece Feb 29 Exam 2 - Ancient Greece THE PERSIAN...

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Ancient Greece Feb 29 Exam 2 THE PERSIAN WARS Persia Series of Eastern and Western conflicts o First major western/eastern conflicts Persia is today = Iran o Still the same region Persian Empire o Slowly spreads east until reaches the coast of Ionia o Extremely mountainous Huge empire o Fragmentation Communication News and orders was hard to get from the main capitol to the western capitol Builds first major road system in the world o Almost as good as the Roman empire will build Develops a special carrier system o Trade off letters at checkpoints and get a new horse. Sleep time is not necessary with this system o Most efficient carrier system in the ancient world Takes slightly less than a week to get a message from one side of the empire to the other Political solutions Great King really has no need to go west Satraps o Areas which are virtually split up into states o Satraps are actually the governors o Satraps tend to be the kings friends or relatives
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Men that the king can trust o Way to handle political coherence Economic Solutions: wealth and tribute All allies must may tribute to great king City of Babylon offers a tribute of 1000 tallets of silver o And slaves Euboea brings ebony, gold, and ivory Because of this tribute, the Persian king builds great cities, lavish palaces o Large palace: Persepolis o Bigger to Knossos o Every part of palace is decorated with a type of relief sculpture Persian Empire o 2 capitols: Susa Sardis o Has gold coinage Fairly unusual Greeks tended to use silver Persians use gold because they can get gold Called daric because of Dorias the 1 st institutes the Persian coins Person on coin is the Great King dressed for war o Greeks will not put a living human on a coin because it is too arrogant and aristocratic o Persians have an advanced monetary system, an enormous income, the payment of tribe funds the Persian army o 1. All states pay tribute to help enforce the army o 2. Royal Road system o 3. Political system which is depended upon personal links to the Great King
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