Ancient Greece Feb 8 Exam 2

Ancient Greece Feb 8 Exam 2 - Ancient Greece Feb 8 Exam 2...

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Ancient Greece Feb 8 Exam 2 Ca. 750-700 BC: a very important half-century indeed Period of cultural, social, and political changes The Greek Alphabet Precursor to our alphabet Started with Mesopotamian language English capital A is an upside down ox head Begins in Mesopotamia in 3 rd  millennium BC Cuneiform o Lots of different triangles and geometric shapes o   Written on clay tablets with the use of a stylus o Was a pictographic language Symbols stand for objects and specific words LOTS OF SIGNS!  Youd have to memorize thousands of signs Reason why literacy in Mesopotamia is very limited Egyptian Hieroglyphics  o Pictographic  o Very few Egyptians were literate Only the wealthy were literate Syllabary o Pictures don’t represent objects but syllables o Improvement over pictograph The Alphabet o Immediately minimized the amount of information needed to be learned to  become literate
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More people became literate Homers poems can now be written down They can reach a higher audience Improvement over syllabary Important to the spread of culture Reason for an alphabet: efficiency o How did alphabet get to Greece? Starts in Euboea The most forward part of Greece in dark ages (has a lot of stuff going on) Has a number of trade connections with the East Phoenicians are great traders of Ancient Mediterranean (with Euboea) Established trade routes along Italy and along the coast of Africa Phoenicians merchants introduced their alphabet to Euboea traders and Euboea adapted it to the Greek language It was soon found in Athens, Corinth, Thebes, Italy, and Sicily o Invention immediately relevant to the Greek world o Will boost the economy o Financial records can now be made o 750-700 BC: Homer’s poems are written down Achieves a common body of knowledge among the Greeks; a sense of their history (Trojan war); can look to poems for knowledge of their history
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Ancient Greece Feb 8 Exam 2 - Ancient Greece Feb 8 Exam 2...

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