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Psychology Notes - Nov 8 - Lecture 18 Psychotherapy...

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11/8/07 Lecture 18 Psychotherapy: Changing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors Review Session-Wed. 11/14/07 in here from 5-6 0. Schizophrenia (continued) Simple schizophrenia o Emotionally inconsistent or flat o Sometimes worse or less o Able to survive in world Hebephrenic type of Schizophrenia o Least likely kind of schizophrenia o Regression to childhood o Act like kids, talk like kids, wear diapers, play with toys, problem with vowels, dressed like children, etc. Some used to be lawyers, etc. but at the age of 25-30 they had this episode, very bizarre They would stand up and play ring around the rosy Treatment: very difficult to treat Catatonic type o In a world of their own, can stand, walk (but they aren’t there) o Wax flexibility health workers would take advantage of these types of people health care people would move their body parts to look funny and the person would stand like that until their muscles collapse Ex: pushing guy behind broom o Can happen for years o Reasonably treatable than other o When they come out of this state, they feel like they were flying or have very visible dreams o Common type-paranoia schizophrenia They think people are always out to get them Delusions of often thinking they are others Ex: Lots of security at TV stations because of these crazy schizo people wanting to hurt the newsman Delusions of reference Delusions of persecution They are logical in their view but not in the world’s Very obsessed with certain things Symptoms can get worse or better Some smart people have this > they are logical but their logic is askew
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What causes Skizo? o
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Psychology Notes - Nov 8 - Lecture 18 Psychotherapy...

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