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Psychology Notes - Nov 27

Psychology Notes - Nov 27 - Lecture 21 Social Physics Dan...

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11/27/07 Lecture 21 Social Physics Dan Aims We see the world differently Do introverts and extroverts see the world differently? Yes: extroverts the loud and talkative people as someone they want to get to know Introverts see loud people as annoying and should just should up People who nap frequently tend to be more introverted I. Social Physics How individuals connect with one another? Thinks about social behavior Interested in how groups work The nature of social processes/how we get along with others “Urge to merge”-the need to belong to a group o Getting close to others makes you feel less insecure o Reason people clump together II. Situational dynamics: attractors A) Social gravity metaphor: G=(M1*M2)/D o The more attractive the object, the greater the pull o The closer individuals are to an attractive force, the greater the pull B) Defining Mass (or an attractor) o Mass is something that is generally positive (status, beauty, rich) o Mass could be: Status (rich, beauty, etc.) Those groups of traits that make the person attractive o Objects o Needs > If your hungry, your more attracted to the food court o Other people C) Examples o Seating in a classroom Where do you sit?
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