Psychology Review Session Exam 2

Psychology Review Session Exam 2 - Psychology Review...

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Psychology Review Session EXAM 2 SESSION 1 Explain visual functions to the brain Rods and cones! Know how concentrated in retina and purpose How does concentration in retina account for purpose? Ex: rods- peripheral (low lights) vs cones- at center (high light and color) Know how the eyes work: Light passes through cornea Cornea focuses on light Expanding and contracting of lens Ganglion cells Retina is absorbed by ganglion cells? No rods and cones where cord-thing exits the retina (accounts for blind spot) Blind spots - What they are and how they work Try to remember biology of eye as best as possible Know how processed in brain. Left visual field will be on right side of cortex (vice versa) Don’t worry about ganglion cells --- don’t worry about page 174 or 175. Know about vibrations in the ear and how they play a part in hearing Vibrations transferred into changes in the fluid filled space? How sound is transferred into ear Why get dizzy quickly Instrumental conditioning = operational conditioning Classical conditioning Pavlov experiments
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Dog/food/bell experiment Unconditioned S = natural response (unconditioned response) Pair Conditioned Stimulus and US = Unconditioned response Then Conditioned Stimulus brings up conditioned response CS most responsive when presented before presenting meat versus after. Linking occurring a naturally occurring response with a different stimulus
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Psychology Review Session Exam 2 - Psychology Review...

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