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Kimberly Caldwell Bush English 131 October 27, 2007 Nick Marshall’s transition through “What Women Want” Nick Marshall, (Mel Gibson), in “What Women Want” comes off as your typical egotistical ladies man. Throughout the course of the movie, Nick changes into someone who actually cares about women, rather than someone who just cares about bedding them. With Nick’s newly discovered ‘power’ he transitions into someone who really does understand “What Women Want”. When Nick’s character first makes his appearance all we notice about him are his bad qualities. For example, he does not listen. When his maid comes into his room and says “You need to get up, you’re running late, and please don’t ask me to cook you breakfast, I don’t have time.” He asks her to make him breakfast as if he has not even heard her. Also when she says “Fine, but only because you didn’t call me that little pig name.” he replies with “You got it babe”, again demonstrating his lack of listening skills. Nick Marshall only listens when things are going in his favor. Once his maid has agreed to what he wants, like breakfast for example, he goes back on auto-pilot and tunes out everything else that is said to him. Another example is when Nick is channel surfing and anything relating to women he is immediately disinterested in and flips the channel making some snide comment about women’s television. He does not even take the time out to notice the programs on TV and what they are about before judging them and changing the channel; typical male behavior. His crude humor gets on his women Caldwell 1
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colleagues nerves. The jokes he tells them have sexual undertones and he feels the need
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What Women Want - Caldwell 1 Kimberly Caldwell Bush English...

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