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Kimberly Caldwell English 131 Bush December 7, 2007 The Elements of K-PAX K-PAX, staring Kevin Spacey alongside Jeff Bridges is a movie about the impact a person can have on other people. Discussed in this paper will be the main character, Prot, the movie’s setting, and how authentic the movie is. All these elements bring life to the movie and without them the movie would not leave the impact that it does. The main character, Prot, played by Kevin Spacey comes to us in a mysterious way. He appears, as if by light travel in the subway. That is when we first discover that Prot is more than meets the eye. He has an air of mystery about him and it just makes us, the audience, want to know more. We want to discover who Prot really is, we watch him better the others in the institution, and we want to discover why he has had to hide himself in the shell of another person. Over the course of the movie we begin to become more and more pulled into who Prot is. As far as he has told us, he is from K-PAX here on assignment but we know that there is more to his story than that. Dr. Powell, Jeff Bridges, along with everyone else in the institution is trying to figure him out. We notice that Prot spends his time trying to better the others in the institution with him. He tells Howie that if he finishes three tasks that he will be cured. So Howie spends his time
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This essay was uploaded on 04/14/2008 for the course ENG 131 taught by Professor Bush during the Spring '08 term at Stephen F Austin State University.

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KPAX - Caldwell 1 Kimberly Caldwell English 131 Bush...

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