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Inequality Among Muslim Americans

Inequality Among Muslim Americans - Caldwell Kimberly...

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Caldwell Kimberly Caldwell Bush English 131 September 26 th , 2007 Inequality for Muslim Americans Meet Maheen Ali. Maheen goes to Jefferson High School. She could be considered your average student. She makes good grades, she is in student council, she plays volleyball and she even makes time to tutor freshman English students after school. One day between classes Maheen is walking down the hallway when a group of girls push her, knocking her books out of her hands. As they walk away laughing they shout “Why don’t you go back to the homeland and help Osama plan another attack you stupid Muslim!” Sadly, Maheen does not find this out of the ordinary. She bends down, picks up her books, flattens her hair and continues to class. Inside her heart is broken. She was born in America. She had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks on September 11 th but the discrimination she is subjected to would make anyone think that she was raised by Al-Qaida themselves. According to the survey “Muslim Inequality”, six out of ten people say that they have discriminated against, or have seen or heard a Muslim being discriminated against. Americans say that in a way, they have reason for being hostile towards Muslims. After all, the people behind many attacks against America were of Muslim descent. Does that not give Americans reasons to be critical of them? Apparently not according to Richard Price; When asked if he thought Americans were just in they ways that they stereotype
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