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Kimberly Caldwell Bush English 132.036 25 March 2008 Music and Lyrics For years teenagers hear their parents tell them that the garbage they listen to is not actually music. If people actually sat down and listened to the lyrics behind the garbage children were listening to they would realize that music is more than just white noise. Behind every song is a story, a social message, and all people have to do is listen to figure out what that message is. Gary Jules’s song, “Mad World,” gives the listener the idea that society has such a minimalist view of the world that if they would just open their eyes and look around they would notice so much more and not be constantly depressed. The song “Almost Lover,” by A Fine Frenzy conveys a classic teenage message of trying to forget a past lover. The final song analyzed in this essay is “How Far We’ve Come,” by Matchbox Twenty. This song is all about the progress society has made. Each song has a unique way of spreading a message through lyrics and style of the piece. Once people get past the sound of the music they begin realize that each and every song has a very special meaning within it. Every song tells a very unique story. Jules’ song, “Mad World” talks about how everywhere he looks more and more people are becoming depressed each day. The very first verse Jules begins, “All around me are familiar faces/ worn out places, worn out faces/ Their tears are filling up their
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This essay was uploaded on 04/14/2008 for the course ENG 132 taught by Professor Couch during the Spring '06 term at Stephen F Austin State University.

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Final Copy - Caldwell 1 Kimberly Caldwell Bush English...

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