the education of alcohol

the education of alcohol - Caldwell 1 Kimberly Caldwell...

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Kimberly Caldwell Bush Eng131 September 12 th , 2007 The Education of Alcohol A little girl cries in her bed tonight. She can hear her mother and her step-father, Chuck, screaming and fighting out in the living room. This has become an almost nightly routine. Chuck comes home drunk, and the little girl’s mother reprimands him for drinking. She tells him that if he does not stop drinking he needs to find a new place to live. The girl pulls the covers up over her head. She has heard this conversation too many times before. She knows what is coming next. “You can’t tell me what to do!” he shouts. The little girl flinches as she hears his fist collide with the countertop. “Oh really?” her mother laughs “Get out of my house!” The girl tries singing to herself to cover up the sounds of her mother’s shouts and her step-fathers groans. They’re fighting now; who knows what color bruises her mother will be sporting come morning. That little girl was me, and from those experiences I learned that I will never, ever, touch alcohol. Chuck and my mother’s relationship put such a strain on my life growing up that I told myself that I will never drink. Hearing them fight night after night scared me so badly that I am afraid to become what they were. I refuse to be with anyone who drinks and I encourage the people around me not to drink because I do not want them to have
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the education of alcohol - Caldwell 1 Kimberly Caldwell...

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