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Kimberly Caldwell English 131 Bush November 13, 2007 Bees; a Potentially Deadly Problem As I am walking along from the Student Center back to my dorm there are several things I try to avoid. Big bushes, smelly trashcans, dumpsters, and flowers are all infested with bees. Matt Boehm says “If you haven’t (notice them) then you’ve got to be blind.” It is sad that I have to go out of my way to avoid the annoying buzzing sound of the busy bees at SFA. It is not just me though; just about every student at SFA has come in contact with the evil bees. Like it or not, this is a problem here at SFA, but the good thing is that it is something that can be easily fixed. Now of course the bees are the evident problem but what really needs to be focused on is why they are here. When asked where she notices the bees the most Kaitlyn Pineiro said “Out by the dumpsters where there is a lot of trash. They are always swarming.” Obviously I am not the only one who notices them. As Kaitlyn helped point out, the places with the heaviest population of bees are the trashcans, and the dumpsters. The over-filled trashcans and dumpsters contain open beverages, spilled foods, sticky candy, and who knows what else. Regardless, the bees are attracted to whatever is in there. The hot weather does not help either. With the hotter temperatures lasting much longer the bees are out all the time. They do not hibernate. It gets cold for a little while but it heats back up again, and when it heats back up the bees come back out to play. No Caldwell 1
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matter where I am or where I am going I cannot help but run into bees and it is ridiculous! Another place where I notice a steady population of bees are in the bushes. Robert Meza, a theatre major said “I’m at the theatre building all the time. They’re in the bushes over there.” The bushes around campus, especially around the theatre and music buildings are infested with bees. The unruly masses of bushes only help house the
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Bee's - Caldwell 1 Kimberly Caldwell English 131 Bush...

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