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document 1 - power corrupts - Kusen 1 Matthew Kusen When...

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Kusen 1 Matthew Kusen When power is abused or not used wisely it will be the downfall of those who attain it and when the all powerful do the same it will effect in a catastrophic downfall because, “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it.” (William Pitt the Younger) Oedipus Rex , The Tragedy of Macbeth , and Brave New World are three works of literature that further explain how absolute power corrupts absolutely. Huxley, Sophocles, and Shakespeare all use different literary elements to give sufficient details of how powerful men create corruption. Conflict, tragedy, irony, and metaphors are the major elements which reinstate the idea that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Absolute power corrupts absolutely due to the lack of clarity in a leader’s vision and destruction due to conflict, inevitable fate, and the leader’s inability to realize he is not perfect. There are leaders who become corrupt due to their cloudy vision of the world around them, only focusing on the goal: to become the greatest and most powerful. Oedipus states, “Your eyes are blind!” (Sophocles 445) Ironically, Oedipus was blind to the fact that he killed his father, took over his throne, and married his mother which was quite obvious to the reader through the literary element dramatic irony. Even though he states “your eyes are blind,” he is truly blind to everything around him. His vision is directed to power which makes him oblivious to society’s problem. Then at the end Oedipus is not only metaphorically blind, but literally because he rips out his eyes. He
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document 1 - power corrupts - Kusen 1 Matthew Kusen When...

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