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document 3 - fitness plan - Matthew Kusen My fitness plan...

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Matthew Kusen My fitness plan is designed to keep my body in shape and to maintain my fitness. My fitness goal of maintaining fitness will be obtained by a series of working out. I will do one 30 minute work out six days a week. For the thirty minutes I will do a ten minute warm-up of circuit training. Then fifteen minutes of weight lifting with fifteen pounds on each side with medium reps. The last five minutes will be a warm down of circuit training. According to my BMI I am of healthy weight range for my age and height so that is why I am continuing with my fitness plan. My seven day work out plan will begin on Mondays and go through Saturdays with a break on Sundays. Everyday will include the basic ten minute warm up, fifteen minute strength training, and lastly the five minute warm down session. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will include the first ten minutes on the treadmill with the intensity of 10 mph and going up .5 of an incline every two minutes. Then I will go to the dumbbells for ten minutes. Fifteen lbs will be on each side with ten reps on each side
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document 3 - fitness plan - Matthew Kusen My fitness plan...

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