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Matthew Kusen Germany is located in northern as well as central Europe due to its size. It has an amazing vantage point for an expansion throughout the continent. It surrounded by the following countries starting at the Baltic Sea, Denmark, and then the North Sea. Followed all the way around by Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and lastly Poland right back to the Baltic Sea. Germany is conveniently located bordering two major seas as well as nine countries which greatly contribute to the expansion of Hitler’s rule during WWII. From the years 1933-1945 Hitler began his rise in power which led to millions of deaths as well as the take over of more than ten countries as well as four countries that were partially taken over. The Germans were able to spread their ways in every direction and Hitler was able to achieve his goal. The fighting that Germany took part in was outside of the original German borders due to the fact that it was an aggressive country. They wanted to
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