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James Madison Notes - James Madison Notes"James Madison was...

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James Madison Notes: “James Madison was born on March 16, 1751…” (1) “James Madison Sr., was also the wealthiest landowner in Orange County, and his eldest son could rest assured that his own prospects were quite secure. Madison’s relations with his parents were both respectful and affectionate. Even when, in his early twenties, he experienced a period of uncertainty about his own purposes in life, there is no record of parental pressure on him. Later, when the Revolution called James to his political vocation, his father provided all the financial support James needed, at a time when the salary of a public official fell far below the required expenses.” (2) “… the Madisons agreed that James would continue his studies at the College of New Jersey (later Princeton University) rather than Virginia’s own William and Mary.”(3) “The political views he absorbed in college were commonplace throughout America; it took the experience of revolution to give his academic ideas the focus they needed.”(4)
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“When the crisis broke in 1774, James Madison was still one among thousands of Americans whose support of resistance had yet to be converted into actual participation in “the common cause.”(10) “He criticized those who favored avoiding all preparations for war until the British government could consider the petitions it would receive from the Continental Congress that was to gather in Philadelphia in September.”(11) “In December 1774 he was elected a member of the Orange County Committee of Safety, one of hundreds of such bodies formed to carry out the commercial boycott adopted by Congress in October…”(11)
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James Madison Notes - James Madison Notes"James Madison was...

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