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worlds colliding notes - Reconquista- Very long war or...

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Unformatted text preview: Reconquista- Very long war or struggle in Spain. Late middle ages. To move Muslims from Spain. Worlds Colliding Three Pre-Columbian Worlds- Native America- north American civilizations- Mesoamerica (most cities were larger than the ones at Europe at the time) o Maya & Aztecs- Present US o Remnants o No “Great” Civilizations o Estimated pop. By 1942= 4-6 million Eastern North America- Major civilizations o Algonquian tribe o I roquois confederacy Most powerful Organized themselves o Southeast Cherokee, etc. • Lose power have to get it back o Either adopt in or set aside for other treatment Europe- Vikings first to come to America o Didn’t settle- Preconditions for discovery & conquest o Why Europe? Why in 1492? The renaissance occurred Powerful & ambitious monarchs Emerging nation-states Trade & exploration Religion 1492: the collision year- The first to meet the preconditions: o Spain… ¿Porque? Moorish Spain Ferdinand & Isabella The Reconquista Naval competition with Portugal Columbus Treaty of Tordesillas. 1494- an agreement that divided the known world between Spain and Portugal...
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worlds colliding notes - Reconquista- Very long war or...

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