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The Revolution Part 2

The Revolution Part 2 - The Revolution Part 2 Results of...

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The Revolution Part 2: - Results of the Revolutionary War o Independence o Was the a “revolution” or just a war for independence? Was there… Political revolution? End of monarchy Social revolution? - Theories a nd influences o Locke Natural rights & the contract theory o Paine Govern m ent = a nec essary evil o Montesquieu Separ ation of powers Sm all republics/beware of power too far re moved from the - Stat e govern m e nts: the blueprints o Features A written constitution
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Limited and separated powers Legislative branch =  most important  & powerful Representation =  actual, not virtual Executive powers greatly limited - Articles of confederation o Our first constitution o Jealously guarded the rights of the states o Created a weak central government Unicameral congress Each state =  1 vote No independent executive of judiciary, president chosen by congress annually o What was meant by ‘the united states of America?”
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