THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR - Committed to Revolution o Maybe 1/3...

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THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR OPENING EVENTS Bunker Hill, June 1775 THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, JULY 1776 Independence becomes the objective The influence of Locke Natural Rights Consent of governed The king violated the contract STRATEGIES British Isolate New England Identify and unify the Loyalist “majority” American General Washington Organize, maintain, and preserve a standing Continental Army Fight, but avoid “general actions” Militias Maintain order in areas outside British control Convert or silence Loyalist opposition CRITICAL BATTLES Washington’s Crossing Rallied American spirits at a desperate time Saratoga. . . The Turning Point British campaign to isolate New England Surprising American victory Franco-American alliance (1778) The war goes global “the times that try men’s souls” Thomas Paine “The American Crisis”
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Unformatted text preview: Committed to Revolution o Maybe 1/3 of population o Many joined the loyalist companies in the British army o Lost property and some physical persecution THE SOUTHERN THEATER New British Strategy Defend West Indies possessions Organize loyalist majority Begin reconquest from the South Captured Savannah (1778); Charleston (1780) Bloody Guerilla Warfare Nathaniel Greene Engage British army Restore social order Yorktown (1781) Combined American & French forces + French Navy = British surrender PEACE OF PARIS, 1783 The agreement that formally ended the war Made American independence a reality REASONS FOR THE AMERICAN VICTORY . . . What do you think? Geography- the size of and distance to America Failure of British military leadership Alliance of Americans with Britain’s European rivals American Commitment to Republican Ideology...
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THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR - Committed to Revolution o Maybe 1/3...

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