OTHER COLONIES - About 4% of the slave trade 1619—first...

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BRITISH MIGRATIONS OTHER COLONIES NEW YORK Dutch New Netherlands, 1614 The English Take Over, 1664 An Economic-based, Cosmopolitan Colony THE DELAWARE VALLEY Pennsylvania, 1681 Quakers William Penn and the Holy Experiment New Jersey A Royal Colony, 1702 Delaware, 1704 THE CAROLINAS, 1663 8 Lords Proprietors The South: West Indies Planters; French Huguenots The North: Virginians Divided into 2 colonies, 1727 GEORGIA, 1732 James Oglethorpe Dual Objectives: A Philanthropic Colony A Strategic Colony BRITISH NORTH AMERICA: Other Peoples THE SCOTCH-IRISH Origins: Lowland Scots, North Britons, Northern Ireland Settlement: 5 waves of migration, 1717-1775 Largest non-English migration Cultural Characteristics: Clannish and territorial Staunchly Protestant (Presbyterian)
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Unformatted text preview: About 4% of the slave trade 1619—first Africans brought to Virginia Status Pre-1660s = uncertain Post 1660s = life servitude legalized (in the South) Culture Southern Colonies = more African / West Indian Northern Colonies = more American / British Stono Rebellion, 1739 NATIVE AMERICANS Mid-1700s—British settlement = the Appalachians Eastern coastal tribes eliminated, assimilated (“Praying Indians”) or forced further west The “Middle Ground” A Geographic Place An Economic and Political Place Developed trade networks between rival Europeans Played European rivals against each other New Confederacies Virginia Maryland Atlantic Ocean British North America New Jersey Massachusetts New Hampshire New York North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Rhode Island Connecticut Dela w a r e Pennsylvania The Scotch-Irish Migration Phildelaphia •...
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OTHER COLONIES - About 4% of the slave trade 1619—first...

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