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analysis report - Korey McMahon March 27th 2008...

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Korey McMahon March 27 th 2008 Macroeconomic Analysis Report After researching and gathering data about recent U.S. economy, I have analyzed that the current U.S. economy is stagnant and Likely in a small recession. This analysis came from all sorts of sources and documents that the government produces. My analysis looks at nominal items such as the foreign exchange rate between the dollar and the yen, and includes the current rate of inflation. I evaluated the current monthly trade balance to previous trade balances to look closely at fiscal policy. My analysis also came from the quarterly reported real Gross Domestic Product, the annual inflation rate, the trade deficit and current levels of Consumer Price Index. I also compiled information from the most current monthly unemployment rate juxtaposition to last year’s unemployment rate. Monetary and Fiscal policies differentiated from the most current analysis. At the beginning of the month, the three month Treasury Bill rate was 1.67%. At the end of the month that rate dropped to 1.36% (Economic Research April, 2008). This shows that our economy should start to see an expansion since rates are low. Following this data, our budget deficit has increased from last year’s February deficit of $119,993 million to $175,563 million in February
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analysis report - Korey McMahon March 27th 2008...

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