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Exam 3 study guide - What is a service What is the...

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Marketing 300 Overview of Concepts: Exam 3 Thursday, April 10 th What is a product? What levels do we apply in thinking about products (e.g., core, actual, augmented) Understand the ways in which we can classify products. What is an innovation? How do we classify innovations? What is a knockoff? Understand what is happening at each phase of the new product development process. What is adoption? What is diffusion? Understand the factors that affect the rate of adoption. Know the difference between the product line and the product mix. Understand what is happening at each phase of the product life cycle. What is brand equity? Understand the various branding strategies used for products. What are the functions/considerations of product packaging? Chapter 10: Services Marketing
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Unformatted text preview: What is a service? What is the goods-services continuum? • Understand the four key characteristics that differentiate services from physical goods. • What is service quality? What are the three dimensions of service quality? • What are two techniques for measuring service quality? If we use the gap model, what are we evaluating? • What is customer retention? What are some customer retention tactics? Chapter 11: Marketing Channels & Distribution • What is the value chain? What is the supply chain? What is a distribution channel? • What are the three types of channel power? • What is a channel intermediary? • Understand conventional, vertical, and horizontal distribution strategies. • Understand why firms use the three levels of channel structure intensity. • What is logistics? What are the various functions of logistics?...
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