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public policy - 1/22/08 Arguments against affirmative...

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1/22/08 Arguments against affirmative action Substantial socio-economic progress for African Americans between end of WWII and beginnings of affirmative action. Their income went from 41% that of whites to 67%. Since then, under affirmative action, the gap has not narrowed. Why? Why has Ward Connerly, a black man, led the nationwide struggle against affirmative action? African Americans whose scores would have earned them a place in a good state university where they could have succeeded are placed in elite schools to fill a quota; they now compete against people with SATs and GPAs substantially higher where they fail at a rate 6 times that of their white and Asian classmates. Does the image of affirmative action benefits demean the real achievements of African American individuals? Changing concept of racism: symbolic racism and critical race theory. 1. It treats people on the basis of group identity and therefore conflicts with equality under law. 2. It reintroduces the legitimacy of using race and ethnicity in public policy undoing a long struggle to remove the use of race. 3. Other groups, especially Asians, have suffered serious discrimination but do no benefit because they have been successful. The policy penalizes success. 4. Asians and Jews have themselves been the victim of quotas. 5. It may hurt target groups by placing them in situations where they have a diminished chance at success. Ward Connerly 6. While selection criteria may be biased, they do predict. 7. There is an imperfect relationship between race and being disadvantaged. Ecological fallacy 8. It reduces support for other aspects of the Civil Rights struggle. 9.
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public policy - 1/22/08 Arguments against affirmative...

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