ASS. 3 - Korey McMahon Marketing 301 Assignment #3 Due...

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Korey McMahon Marketing 301 Assignment #3 Due April 3 rd 2008 Mt. Dew is a very recognizable beverage to quench your thirst. Mt. Dew has continually advertised, targeted, and segmented itself as being fun, creative, and edgy. Mt. Dew has used several approaches at market segmentation. Mt. Dew looks at a very broad range of people and narrows into niches to meet consumers want and needs for beverage drinking. Some of Mt. Dew’s beverage looks more at the demographics and the psychographics to meet consumer markets. Mt. Dew uses a very broad look at items such as social class and income because it is affordable and want consumer to become brand loyal to Mt. Dew. Once Mt. Dew identifies a market segment, those segments are used by creating benefits this beverage will bring to them. For example, Amp Energy is an energy drink that is segmented for those who need a quick burst to boost energy levels and mental alertness. Mt. Dew also does an amazing job with situational segmentation by having their product available in vending machines, gas stations, grocery markets, and most everywhere
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can imagine. They conveniently place their product where you need it when you
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ASS. 3 - Korey McMahon Marketing 301 Assignment #3 Due...

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